Opting for Tantra Modalities of Massage

It is becoming increasingly evident that some erotic modalities of massage are fast becoming some of the most popular around. From sensual tantra to slippery nuru, most countries in the West now seem to be awash with these techniques of massage. There is a mixture of reasons for choosing this as well, and from the people we have spoken to, some use for sexual pleasure, others for relaxing and some others even just to try and regain their lost youth by getting things that weren’t functioning to work again!

By this we are talking about older men that have issues downstairs where they have to use a variety of devices and tablets just to get the motor running! Taking part in some of the erotic massage styles that you see around these days actually gives a plan B to a lot of people that otherwise were all out of luck and ideas!

Delving into some of the massage therapies a little deeper we can find a whole bunch of other reasons why this really can be a game changer for a lot of people. As we all know by now, by intense media propaganda, most of our common diseases are actually stress related and so partaking in massage can put a stop to and reverse the effects of this with time

After getting into some of the Tantric readings and talking to people that really are involved in this almost religiously, it is a true healing method for body, mind and spirit and also a great way to get sexual pleasure at the same time

From our research it appears that London seems to have one of the most comprehensive training and most active in this field amongst the countries that we checked and so if in the area, it seems a erotic tantric massage London could leave one feeling a lot better on may different fronts and even give a new lease of life to some!

Finding your trusted masseuse

For some people that enjoy massage therapy, actually finding a therapist who they gel with and delivers the quality massage that they expect can be the hardest thing to find. With some forms of oriental massage, especially something like Thai massage which can be quite physical in nature, one does need to trust in their masseuse, in that they will not finish the massage with an injury!

This means one does need to do some due diligence when finding a masseuse. Although some people like to take a massage at different establishments, it does seem to be more common that once you have established a relationship with your masseuse and are very happy with the service, similar to a hairdresser for example that you will probably stick with them. This would more than likely be the case for a lot of women anyway.

For men on the other hand the process of picking a masseuse and sticking with the same masseuse can sometimes work differently as it really will depending on what type of massage they are going for. If for example they are looking to go for something like a naturist and nude massage in London for example then they may well feel that they would want to change the masseuse each time for example!

When searching for an authentic massage though people that are serious about their massage would normally be more concerned with things like what qualifications they have and which techniques are they trained in. If you are serious about your massage therapy then in a lot of cases it is probably a better idea to seek out a more mature masseuse with a lot of qualifications as with something like massage therapy you really cannot beat experience, and as much as someone new to the business might be very natural, as the old adage goes you just can’t buy experience!

The right equipment for massage therapy

Any massage practitioner will tell you that in order to carry out the massage to gain maximum effectiveness then you really do require the right tools of the trade. One of the most important things that one needs to perform a decent massage is a good quality massage table.

First of all for the comfort of the client if paramount. There is nothing worse for a client who is lying on an comfortable or unsteady platform for the duration their session. It can even lead to worsening of the problems that they have and also make it difficult to relax which is important for many different types of massage

Then for the masseuse the table needs to be at the correct height so that they too do not pull a muscle or damage their own back in the process of the massage. There are many different widths of tables that are available and all are of course adjustable in height to suit the masseuse or masseur. Some of the widths maybe more suited to certain types of therapy and some to others.

For example someone offering a tantric massage London may well prefer a larger massage table with more space, whereas someone performing a sports massage may in fact require a lot less in terms of width of the table.

These days you will also find that many of the tables are portable and this is great for those masseuses who are wishing to provide mobile or visiting massage therapy and therefore something to bear in mind before purchase. This can be particularly useful when massaging clients that for whatever reason are less mobile, which could be disabled clients, people with walking disabilities or the elderly who may require special treatment.

Finding the right table is quite simple these days with the advent of the internet and so many online shops and can be found usually with some simple google searches.

When Shiatsu might be an option

Sometimes with all the different massage treatments that one can choose from, it really does feel like we are somewhat spoilt for choice and this in some cases can be a bit of a dilemma for those that feel a bit overwhelmed by just too much choice.

It is a therapy that comes from Japan and is usually performed best when there is complete silence in the room as to be effective it really does require some very deep concentration on behalf of both the therapist and the person receiving the massage. Because of this intense focus on concentration it is by many to be something that really can have a great effect on the mind and allowing for people to really get on top of some psychological issues such as stress and anxiety

So this type of therapy is more suited to those looking for the emotional aspect and conditions that affect the mind than the kind of musco-skeletal problems that can be more suited to things like Thai massage therapy for example.

The actual translation of Shiatsu basically means finger pressure and it is now being taken up by those as a holistic option to a range of diseases which include cancer. One of the great things about this therapy is that you wont experience any side effects and perhaps this one of the reasons that it is embraced by those with serious health problems as there are no really any possible complications.

Japan does have quite a good reputation with massage therapy on the whole and another of their therapies is now also coming to the fore as a more of a therapy geared towards relaxation. This therapy is called body to body nuru massage and is more of a fun massage than something that anyone would claim to be used for serious psychological issues, but all the same another great massage therapy from this part of the world.

Nuru is for sure a popular choice and in the UK and in London in particular people would generally go this route or for tantric massage London services, both with their own unique qualities!

Oriental Types of Massage

It has long been known that the Asian continent is home ot many of the most popular forms of massage. The most commonly talked about among the therapies are Chinese massage, Shiatsu, Traditional Thai massage and also Indonesian massage.

Someone not to experienced in the practices would probably assume that they all have very little in common with each other, apart from the geographical location, although the first three are similar in the way that the body is manipulated and also with the undelying concept of energy flow in the body.

One of the key differences that can be seen between the western philosophy of reatment and that of the eastern treatments is that in the West we more look at are of problem and then to focus on this area. Oriental styles on the other hand are identifying and correcting energy patterns that are not in harmony within the body and concentrates on getting this balance back into the body properly to achieve healing in the body. The Chinese focus on Qi within the body also looks at the issues much more deeply and that imbalances can also cause mental issues as well as those physical ones that they might be primarily treating.

Put in a different way in the west the practitioner would see the body as a set of individual parts, whereas in the East they would more look at the body as being one entity. London has now embraced oriental massage in quite a big way and one of the latest to hit town is Nuru massage. This is Japanese in origin and is more of a body to body massage that perhaps some of the other more oriental forms, but again follows all the principles above.

Which massage is best? Well this is entirely down to the individual and really what works for you!